Wilks Calculator

The Wilks Calculator is a tool used in the sport of powerlifting to compare the performances of athletes across different weight classes.

It is named after its creator, Robert Wilks, who developed the formula in 1976. The Wilks Calculator assigns a “coefficient” to each lifter based on their bodyweight, which is then multiplied by their total lift (the sum of their best squat, bench press, and deadlift) to calculate a “Wilks score.”

Wilks Calculator

Calculate your Wilks score for powerlifting.

LifterWeight ClassTotal Lift (kg)Bodyweight (kg)CoefficientWilks Score
John93 kg700920.6684468
Sarah63 kg450620.9196414
Michael120+ kg9001450.4239381
Emily72 kg525700.8292435

Wilks Calculation Formula

The Wilks calculation formula is as follows:

Wilks Score = Total Lift (kg) x Coefficient

The coefficient is calculated using the following formula:

Coefficient = a + b x bodyweight (kg) + c x bodyweight (kg)^2 + d x bodyweight (kg)^3 + e x bodyweight (kg)^4 + f x bodyweight (kg)^5

The constants (a, b, c, d, e, f) are different for men and women, reflecting the physiological differences in strength between the sexes.

For men, the constants are:

  • a = -27.23542
  • b = 0.582102
  • c = -0.0002646
  • d = -0.0000009
  • e = 1.09e-8
  • f = -1.63e-11

For women, the constants are:

  • a = 594.31747775582
  • b = -27.23842536447
  • c = 0.82112226871
  • d = -0.00930733913
  • e = 0.00004731582
  • f = -0.00000009054

What is Wilks IPF Powerlifting?

Wilks IPF (International Powerlifting Federation) refers to the specific Wilks formula used by the IPF, which is the governing body for powerlifting internationally.

The IPF Wilks formula is slightly different from the original Wilks formula and is used to determine the best overall lifters at IPF-sanctioned competitions.

What Is a Good Wilks Score?

A good Wilks score is generally considered to be above 400 for both men and women.

The interpretation of a Wilks score can vary based on factors such as age, experience level, and competition level.

Here’s a general guideline for interpreting Wilks scores:

  • Above 500: Elite level
  • 450-499: Advanced level
  • 400-449: Intermediate level
  • 350-399: Novice level
  • Below 350: Untrained level

It’s important to note that the Wilks score is a relative measure, and a “good” score can vary based on the individual’s goals and the level of competition they are participating in.

As the sport of powerlifting continues to evolve, the standards for what constitutes a good Wilks score may change over time.

Is 350 a good Wilks score?

A Wilks score of 350 is generally considered a novice level score.

According to the guidelines mentioned earlier, a score below 350 is classified as an untrained level.

While a 350 Wilks score is a solid starting point, it would not be considered a good score for experienced or competitive lifters.

Is a 450 Wilks good?

Yes, a Wilks score of 450 is considered a good score. Based on the guidelines, a Wilks score between 450-499 is classified as an advanced level.

This means that a lifter with a 450 Wilks score has reached a proficient level of strength and is likely competitive in their weight class.

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